MFD Masterclass: BWFwoman's NEW Christian Immersive Learning Experience is HERE!

Join the experience of a lifetime in our new FREE MFD Masterclass, which includes a 15 day Clarity Challenge in our Journal + Affirm room, a #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY and email insights when you register for free.

Upgrade your experience with our beautifully designed, digital, 70+ page guided MFD Masterclass  Workbook + special live session with BWFwoman for only $39.97.


Don't miss out on your chance to GLOW up in the Word.

In traditional #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY fashion,  we've designed an entire EXPERIENCE for you beginning September 1! MFD Masterclass is curated to help you accomplish three things: GROW in your spirituality, KNOW the truth of God's Word and GLOW up in your radiance.

  • September 1-15, join our 15 Day Clarity Challenge every morning from 6-6:15a CT/7-7:15a ET
  • October 13-22 join in on the #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY, Miracle Visualization, How to Create Captivating Clarity 
  • October 3, October 24, November 7, November 14  @ 7p CT/8 ET, join in on MFD Masterclass Bible Study
  • From September 1 through October 30, use the MFD Masterclass Workbook from the beginning through the end of #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY, follow the guided exercises and enjoy your upgraded experience
  • If you've upgraded, you will also join BWFwoman for a special in-depth session
  • Summary: MFD Masterclass is FREE without the 70+ page MFD Masterclass Workbook, or you can grab the Workbook AND be invited to a special bonus live session with BWFwoman by selecting "Register With the Workbook" for only $39.97

What She Said...

Who is MFD Masterclass for?

If any of these sound like you, this free Christian immersive learning experience is meant for you:

  • Your spiritual vision is hazy or nonexistent and you want a stronger connection with God
  • Your emotions are all over the place,  you feel like you lack clear direction
  • You know you're headed in the right direction, but you think it's taking too long to reach your destination
  • You listen to podcasts and lives trying to find the answer when you really need to access the answer inside of you, you just aren't sure how to get there

What to expect in our NEW MFD Masterclass Digital Workbook

  • 30 days of guided activities designed to bring you into deeper vision, miracles and clarity
  • 15 Day tracker and daily affirmations for our 15 Day Clarity Challenge
  • Prayer tracker and Emotions tracker
  • Outline to follow along with #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY
  • Weekly scripture readings and questions to develop captivating clarity and miracle visualization
  • A special bonus live Zoom session with Erin Marie, BWFwoman
  • Digital delivery immediately
  • And so much more, for only a limited time price of only $39.97

What She Said...


Meet Your Host + Teacher - BWFwoman

Erin Marie, aka BWFwoman, is a Christian Mindset Coach who created BWFwoman in 2012 to inspire women to know, grow and GLOW through Christ and community.

BWFwoman has touched thousands of women around the globe, fostering sisterhood and deeper, more satisfying spiritual relationships with God. 

Erin Marie is a seeker of God, a believer that with God anything is possible, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author and speaker who has been featured on ABC, a 2020 Boss Women Media Woman of the Year and most recently, an invited guest speaker at the 2021 ESSENCE Music festival. 

She enjoys teaching about the Biblical roots of mindset, meditation and manifestation and curating sacred spaces like manifestHER Daily and the Renew Retreat that provide women with healing, elevation and JOY.

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